Realistic Hunting Games

If you are a lover of hunting and new technologies, this article interests you. From Hunting Curiosities, we bring you a selection of hunting games so that you unleash your favorite hobby only with an internet connection. With these apps, you will be able to unleash your hobby on those days when you can’t perform the activity.

The Hunter Classic

This is one of the most realistic online hunting games of the moment. With it, you can experience the thrill of hunting in very realistic landscapes and environments using all kinds of weapons like crossbows or last generation lock rifles.

Let’s Hunt

The game Let’s Hunt is a hunting game that originated thanks to the fondness of hunting wild animals. Through the free browser of this game, you will enter a virtual world of wild animals. With it, you will feel the adrenaline and excitement as if you were living live. The game’s scenarios have been carefully chosen, giving a very realistic result.

The Driven Hunt Experience

The company Aim point has just launched this game online, where you can hunt wild boarding using one of its red dot viewers. And the best thing is, it’s a free game. But the game is not so simple, it is not enough to give the boar, but you have to put the shot in its place. If you don’t hit him in a vital area, you lose! Click here and get in the game.

World of Hunting

The game World of Hunting, you can hunt up to 20 different species of animals. In this 3D world, you can walk and slide freely, remember the latter because it is essential to keep quiet, as he is the hunter’s best friend. In this

Deer Hunting Reloaded

Now that the sport of hunting is in the limelight, let’s remind you that in Apple App Baazar, you have the game called Deer Hunter Reloaded, a title belonging to a veteran hunting simulation game franchise. Without spending a euro or feeling remorse afterward, we can get down to work to hunt all kinds of wild animals located in the forests of North America, such as bears, bison, or deer (no, no elephants). Deer Hunter Reloaded will allow you to hunt all these animals without spending a single euro since it can be downloaded completely free for iPhone, IPad, and iPod Touch.

The game offers a first-person view, with pretty careful graphics and realism. We should note that anyone who loves animals who is against this practice should not download the game or out of curiosity, since the shots, the deaths, and the blood are quite present in this title. Apart from our cold blood, we will have to test our aim and reflexes, since many of the animals are semi-hidden or moving so that shooting will on many occasions complicated tasks. Below we leave you with the direct link to download the game from the App Store and with a video in which you can appreciate its style and gameplay.

As we said, Deer Hunter Reloaded offers a first-person view in which we will see our weapon. The game allows us to choose from a wide arsenal that includes various types of long-distance rifles. You can shoot the nearest animals with normal eyesight, or use the telescopic sight for those within a long distance. This version of Deer Hunter Reloaded also adds an X-ray mode that allows targeting specific organs such as the heart or brain. To go hunting, one can not go anyway, that is why we have a special section in which we can equip ourselves with all the necessary elements such as jackets, vests, boots, and hunting glasses.

Deer Hunter Reloaded has the frantic stampede mode, in which you have to take down as many pieces as possible. To aim better and look for the best angles, the game allows us to move sideways until we find the right place to make the best shot. As a museum, we will have a trophy room where we will see the best copies of our hunts. You can also compete against friends to prove who’s the best with the rifle. If you want to download the game, we leave you without more with the direct link to the App Store, where you can do it. We must have at least 180 Megas of free space on our device.