Hunting Types

Sport hunting is an activity aimed at gaining the dominance of wild or wild animals, which are all those who live in freedom or independent of the human being. That is, the action of killing a wild animal in different ways, but almost always with a shot. The aim of sport hunting is to take down as many specimens as possible.

An activity that can only be carried out during the period in which it is permitted and after obtaining a special hunting permit. Any person who is in the field of sport hunting must carry such authorization with him and must be in his name to avoid serious penalties since it is personal and non-transferable.

Like fishing, sport hunting is an ancient activity that requires a very special commitment to the environment, especially today, with the change of consciousness that we have experienced in recent years. Although it is an activity that has always generated some controversy, you should know that for years there have been established rules to maintain the balance of fauna in the context of the legal, combating clandestine and irresponsible hunting.

Types of sport hunting

Today, there are many forms of hunting that vary from the weapons used to the ecosystem chosen to practice it. They are mainly classified by big game and less hunting, being the first intended for hunting larger animals and the second for smaller animals.

Big game

  • Monteria: the area for hunting is delimited, being between 250 and 600 hectares. Stalls are installed from which they are released to the recalls, mixed-used in different modalities of big game to scare away the animals that are within the established perimeter. An operation designed to take down as many copies as possible without having to make a lot of effort.
  • Battle: a sport hunting mode very similar to the mountain, but where dogs are replaced by people. Also, the organization of the posts is different from that of the mountains, since they are placed in a single line to prevent the escape of the pieces.
  • Rececho: the animal is chased without it noticing until the hunter is close enough to shoot, being the most selective sport hunting mode of all. It is usually practiced on summits, steep slopes, and closed mountains.
  • Wait: as the name suggests, waits are a form of hunting in which the hunter waits for the prey to pass in front of the post where he is located to shoot him. In the event that it appears, the hunter watches and then fires. Night waits where an artificial light source is required is common.

Small game

  • Water hunting: the stalls are installed in barrels or fixed baccarat, on an aquaculture surface between reeds and weeds, where the birds and their feeders and shelters are located. This is where the hunters shoot them and kill them.
  • Lanceo: is a type of fighter aimed at killing the boar in which dogs and horses are used for capture. In addition, two types of spears are used, which measure about three meters and end in tip.
  • Claim: This is a form of hunting that is carried out with the help of a caged living partridge that is placed in the center of a clearing to attract its congers, who are caught by nets or usually shot by the hunter, which is hidden in his post so as not to be detected.
  • Greyhound Hunting: No weapons are used in this type of hunting, but only the skill of dogs are harnessed. Very common in the hunting of the hare and is practiced mainly in flat and clean terrain of shrub or tree vegetation.
  • Hunt with trail dogs: it is a modality in which dog track the specimens through the smell. The tracks that the animal has been leaving on the ground before going to sleep are traced. Then the animal is lifted from his shelter and chased. A fairly common modality in northern Spain for hunting hare, fox, and wild boar.